1998 Harley-Davidson Softail Custom Built Harley Davidson (Frame Off Restoration) Replica of 1940's Pan Head

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Thank you for taking a moment to check out our custom build and I will try and explain the story behind this build. My shop Nice Ride Inc builds custom 1940's looking clean titled Harley Davidson's with yesterdays looks and today's technology using 1992-98 clean titled softails. We strip the bike down to bare frame, sell all the parts and start building our own fabricated creation using only the matching number frame, 5 speed transmission and primary of the bike. 
We came across a gentleman name Kevin Donahue we met locally through a friend who told us this guy started his small non-profit 7 years ago on his own dime and the little money he raises throughout the community. He spends his days helping homeless and economically disadvantaged veterans with food, shelter, clothing and his goal was to be able to build small homes to get these guys the help they need to adjust back into civilization. After spending 20 minutes with Kevin at our shop the decision was easy, we wanted to build this bike, do a 9 month donation/raffle drive across the US at all the motorcycle events and help him achieve his goal while giving anyone who donated $25 a chance to have their name drawn on November 11th 2020 which is Veteran's Day. We started the donation drive on January 2nd and it ended at the end of February because all the motorcycle events across the country we cancelled do to pandemic and we needed to be at all of them in order to have a real chance of raising $500,000 or more for the House A Vet organization of Martin County, FL.
As a small shop, we invested A LOT both physically and financially but we knew it was for a great cause. Even though we won't be able to recoup the amount we have into the build, we could still help both the House A Vet organization and some lucky buyer who's name will also be on the check presented to Kevin and his amazing work he does on daily basis. 20% of this sale price will be presented from Nice Ride Inc and the lucky buyer of this beautiful custom to the House A Vet Organization.

About the bike: this is a clean titled 1998 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic which we bought from a Vietnam Veteran. It has a completely rebuilt 80" Evo motor with cams and adjustable push rods. 5 Speed transmission, chain driven classic. It will pass all inspections with any state (maybe not Cali because exhaust is custom) with turn signals, high beam, horn and working lights. The frame, the fenders, the bars have all been custom fabricated in one way or another by our shop and the color is Ford Avalanche Grey. Powder Coating almost everything on the bike. The custom tank badge we made here in house is Ronald Reagan's "Peace Through Strength" saying. The name of the motorcycle is "The Soldier" and it commemorates the FIVE Branches of service. The oil tank was custom painted by a veteran who also served in Vietnam and the rear fender art work is from an amazing artist who is also a listed soldier named Howard King. We reached out to Howard while he was in Afghanistan and asked his permission to use his art piece because we just fell in love with the meaning behind it. Check him out on Facebook, this man is an incredible human and artist.
Bottom line is, this is an amazing custom built bike for the money that not only will draw a crowd anywhere you pull up but also you can cruise it over 100 miles per day with the softail and spring seat comfortably. Any Harley Davidson dealership or Harley Davidson shop in your area can service the bike.
If you have any questions, please call me between 9am-7pm ET and I will answer anything I possibly can. I will help you find the best shipping price with the guys who have done a great job for me over the last 15 plus years in business.

If you visit my facebook page Nice Ride Inc you can see the commercial we did for the donation drive last December to kick off the donation drive for the House A Vet project which was sadly cancelled. We can also build you one like this or the ones you will see on the cover page of our Facebook. 

Copy and paste this link and you will see a full video of the bike. 


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