1988 Chevrolet Corvette 35th Anniversary #852 of 2,050

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This is a truly nice condition 35-year young 1988 Chevrolet Corvette 35th Anniversary numbered vehicle 0852 of 2050 built. It has an original 35,148 documented mileage. There are less than 900 worldwide still registered which makes this car a great investment for an entry level collector or just a Corvette lover who will finish it too perfection cosmetically. I have done ALL the mechanical work to make this beauty run like new. This is what has been done in the last few months:

*Intake Manifold Gasket
*Headlamps Replaced Gears (work like new)
*EGR Valves Replaced
*Serpentine Belt Replaced
*Injectors Replaced
*Fuel Filter Replaced
*Coolant Flush

Everything electrical on this car works great! AC cold and mechanically, it runs absolutely amazing with no hesitation or bucking. Starts right up and no smoke or stalling. It comes with a folder full of paperwork and needs some easy cosmetics to make perfect. With the prices of classic cars rising daily and with the crazy numbers Corvettes are bringing in general, this will be a great buy for someone who will finish it and enjoy.
*Please visit YouTube Channel: Nice Ride Inc to see a multiple videos of this beautiful Corvette. Full walkaround, starting and running and detailed video of all the things that will need to be done too perfect it.