Sergey Tokman – President / Founder of Nice Ride Inc.

I grew up in Dartmouth, MA where I went to school and college at UMass-Dartmouth. I received my bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. After graduating in 1995, my road took me to the corporate world where I was doing Executive Recruiting. Realizing that the weather in Boston was not in my future, I packed up my car and left for the sunshine state of Florida in 1998  in my mid 20’s. Working successfully as a Division Director for a Fortune 100 company for three years and being financially stable I decided it was time to challenge myself and open up my own Private Executive Search Company in 2001 to which I successfully ran until 2005. Once again,  as I have always known, the corporate world just wasn’t my passion.

Always being a motorcycle enthusiast and rider who logged over 150,000 plus miles under his behind, I took the chance of a lifetime and opened up Nice Ride Inc in June of 2005. I would stay specialized in selling  Pre-Owned, 1  owner,  less than  5,000 miles Harley Davidson’s worldwide  with an extensive following  and many repeat customers. Fast forward to 2018 with Nice Ride Inc still successfully operating, my good friend and partner Sonny Heflin and I decided to build frame off resto mods of 1940’s style motorcycles with today’s power and technology. After finishing up our two first builds, we decided it was time to take our products on the road and see what the people think with Daytona Bike Week 2019 in town. We ended up placing 1st in most of the biker build off competitions while winning the prestigious American Iron Magazine,  American Mild 1st  Place Award. Were we done? Not really! It was time to do something so out of the box that it would change the playing field.  We decided to build a one of a kind motorcycle in honor of our 45th  president  Donald J. Trump and call it “Commander in Chief 45”.

I am not a person who is satisfied with just going through the motions of life! Our goal with opening this One Stop Motorcycle Boutique is to constantly challenge ourselves in giving you all the best we have no matter what service you decide to do with us. We will continue our amazing builds, we will continue selling the best priced and cleanest Harley Davidson’s & Indians on the market, we  will continue to customize your motorcycle  to an art form, we will continue to offer the best prices for parts, we will continue to do amazing full details on your bike, we will  continue to get as close to your asking price on consignment  as possibly human, we will continue to be humble while surpassing all your expectations, we will continue to  be that one motorcycle shop you consistently  tell  your friends about, we will continue,………….! 

_______________________________________________________________________________   Sonny Heflin of:  Sonny's Custom Cycle Works

Born in Washington DC and growing up in Maryland; I got involved in  motorcycles  at a young age.  Racing dirt bikes as a youngster and then  in  my early teens watching and helping my Dad in his Custom Build of a 1969 BSA Chopper. From that moment on I knew motorcycles were going to be a big part of my life.

I bought my first Harley at the age of 18, a brand new 1978 Harley  Lowrider, it didn’t take long before I pulled out the hacksaw and  grinder  and started cutting the fenders and making custom parts for my  new  best friend.  I then went into the engine to see how the ole  Shovelhead Engine worked and I soon learned how to get more horsepower  out  of the bike and the thrill was on!  I began turning my bike into a full blown Radical Custom.  Competing in many of the local Bike Shows in the Maryland, D.C. area; winning  many  awards along the way.

In the mid 90’s, I opened Sonny’s Custom Cycles Works in Bowie,  Maryland and began building other Custom Bikes that did quite well on  the  Show Circuit along with many trips to Daytona Beach shows.

Wanting to get closer to the awesome weather in South Florida; my  family; Cindy, my wife of 32 years and my awesome Sons; Sonny and  Shawn (which both have made me a proud Grandfather of 3  grandchildren); made the move to Port Saint Lucie, Florida. 

Working out of my new shop at home, I made a lot of good friends and  built  my fair share of award winning Custom Motorcycles. Earning  Magazine features in Easy Rider, Hot Bike and American Iron along the  way.  My favorite bike being my Fathers Springer Custom that he and I built together. 

A few years back I met Serge Tokman of Nice Ride Inc. Sharing the same  love of Vintage Harley Motorcycles; we recently teamed up.  Sonny’s  Custom Cycle Works and Nice Ride Inc., and together we built our first  2 Vintage Retro Customs, “The Elite” and “The Demon Child” models.

Having a lot of fun displaying them at bike shows and events throughout  Daytona Beach and Florida; we turned our attention to building our  Proudest Project Build:  Commander  In Chief  45: Built in  honor  of our President Donald  J. Trump.  Stay tuned for more creativity to come……!